R E V I E W   O F   A N T I - C O U N T E R F E I T I N G   K P I s 

Improving understanding of a global anti-counterfeiting programme and its impact


A brand protection team within a major multinational wanted better metrics to internally communicate their activities, outcomes and impact of their global anti-counterfeiting programmes. We were asked to update their existing KPIs to facilitate these discussions, especially at Board level.

O U R   A P P R O A C H

We conducted interviews with brand protection team members in all key regions to better understand commercial ambitions and threats across different business units and product categories. To inform our recommendations, we reviewed their current approach and the needs of the internal audience. We developed metrics which incorporated a greater diversity of data, including softer measurements such as impact of policy lobbying.  We prepared presentation materials to be used to secure buy-in from internal stakeholders for the new KPIs.

V A L U E   C R E A T E D

For the first time, our client had one consistent measurement system for their anti-counterfeiting activity across the business.  In addition, the board were able to get a much more holistic picture of the full impact of the company’s anti-counterfeiting activity and associated risk management.

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