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WEBINAR: China takes the lead - Innovative New Value Chains

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

How is China innovating? Watch the recording of the webinar with Tim Smith, Principal Rouse Consultancy and Andrew Gaule, CEO Aimava which explores the speed and scale of change in China and the opportunity for businesses.

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This webinar will be of value to executives who are looking at the challenge of accelerating technology change and the business models this is impacting across many industries.

We will outline why connecting new technology, start-ups and corporates with new business models will be important to capture value in the many new emerging industries – what we term Innovative New Value Chains. China is taking the lead in many areas and the scale and speed of change there is amazing: something that cannot be ignored, wherever you are.

We will look at intellectual assets, old and new, and how organisations can protect and capture value. We will use the changes anticipated in the mobility sector and battery manufacture as our example and explore how this new perspective can be applied to other industries including consumer products, retail, and financial services, all of which are being disrupted by new technology and new business models.

Presenting with Tim Smith, Principal at Rouse Consultancy, will be Andrew Gaule, CEO of Aimava and author of Purpose to Performance - Innovative New Value Chains.

The webinar can be accessed here:



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