P A T E N T   A S S E R T I O N   S T R A T E G Y

Creating a patent assertion strategy to maintain competitive advantage


Our client asked us to analyse and evaluate their Chinese patent portfolio to asset their strengths and market position compared to specific competitor devices.

O U R   A P P R O A C H

We reviewed and vetted the value of the client's patent portfolio in China. To do this we analysed the patents related to the target products, compared scope and language of relevant claims with the client’s patents. We developed a claims chart to enable easy comparison of different devices as well as building a patent assertion strategy. ​

V A L U E   C R E A T E D

As our client had a clear understanding of the patent landscape in its technology field, it was able to identify which patents it could assert, those it should keep for defensive purposes and those with limited value which should not be maintained.

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