Jeremy leads Rouse's global consultancy practice, working with teams in London, Shanghai, Dubai and Stockholm.

Jeremy is consulted by senior individuals responsible for Intellectual Property including Heads of IP, Trade Marks, Brand Protection and General Counsel.  Jeremy supports these individuals to make better management decisions by understanding the impact and the value of the IP services they are purchasing and helping them articulate IP issues to commercial stakeholders in their businesses.

Jeremy consults on wide range of issues, from anti-counterfeiting,  trade secrets protection to benchmarking in-house teams.  Projects often stem from a single issue which, on deeper analysis, touches many aspects of a client’s business. For example, an infringement issue might uncover weaknesses in a client’s product development, manufacturing and distribution processes. A trade secret loss might point to issues in company culture and ingrained employee behaviours. Clients often seek support during periods of significant change, or to stimulate a change in thinking where practices have become entrenched.

During the first 20 years of Jeremy’s career he developed extensive IP legal expertise, supporting a number of high profile clients in devising and managing international, often global, IP enforcement programmes.

Jeremy has been active within INTA for many years and is currently Co Vice-Chair of INTA’s Global Anti-Counterfeiting Committee and leads INTA Online Counterfeiting Project Team.

T:   +44 20 7536 4103


  • Jeremy Newman

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