I P   M A N A G E M E N T   P O S T   M & A ' S

Defining IP ownership structures across entities after multiple

Mergers and Acquisitions


After several mergers and acquisitions, the client’s patent portfolio was spread across several entities. This was creating challenges in portraying their IP strength, adding costs to their portfolio management and creating potential compliance risks. As a result, they wanted to realign their IP ownership. The key question was whether to centralize or decentralize their patent portfolio.

O U R   A P P R O A C H

We compared numerous ownership structures from successful MNCs to determine the strengths and weaknesses. Following that, workshops were conducted with internal stakeholders to determine the appropriate IP governance principles and structure.

V A L U E   C R E A T E D

Our recommended bespoke IP ownership structure enabled the client to meet their internal goals drawing on the combined strengths of other IP ownership models. It also helped the client to deal better with costs and gain more control of any technological advancements. Lastly, we also assisted with the buy-in and alignment from key stakeholders and global business heads.

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