Senior Analyst

Dynion is a Senior Analyst who specializes in working with fast-growth companies.

He takes a broader perspective than IP alone, considering aspects of the brand, the control companies have over their core assets and their innovative capabilities. His holistic approach enhances clients’ resilience when entering or operating in developing markets.

Dynion was previously based in the Shanghai and Beijing offices before moving to London. Before that, he was working with several start-ups, in the areas of transportation, software, life sciences and medical devices, which gives him a strong technological understanding. This is reinforced by his two Swedish Masters, in Intellectual Capital management and Business Creation & Entrepreneurship in Biomedicine from Gothenburg University. He also holds a Dutch Bachelor in Science & Innovation Management from Utrecht university.

T:   +44 20 7536 4117 

E:  dbakker@rouse.com

  • Dynion Bakker

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